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Villa Rica Aikido Martial Arts

Welcome to the Villa Rica Aikido home page. We are a family oriented martial arts school that teaches Suenaka Ha Tetsugaku Ho Aikido. We are located in Villa Rica, Georgia, thirty minutes west of Atlanta and ten minutes west of Douglasville.

Aikido Overview

Aikido training not only incorporates physical conditioning, but also places great emphasis on the development of positive human qualities: compassion, courage, endurance, and inner strength. In this spirit, Aikido training is undertaken with the goal of improving the individual and thereby society as a whole. Aikido does not rely on speed or force, but rather uses joint locks, pinning techniques, and throws to control a person safely and Application of an Aikido Technique without serious injury. While Suenaka-Ha Aikido is an effective martial art for self-defense, it also offers a positive philosophy that includes the concept of unification of mind and body. Many of the things you learn on the mat will also enhance activities in your daily life. The techniques of Aikido include a focus on taking your opponents balance and redirecting his own energy. This approach provides a very powerful means of self-defense, without the requirement for physical strength. In fact, one of the key elements of Aikido is the ability to stay relaxed and centered in the face of adversity.

Our Philosophy

At Villa Rica Aikido in West Georgia, we believe in martial arts as a means of self-defense, personal and spiritual growth. For us, the study of martial arts is not just a hobby or pastime, but also a lifelong path of physical, mental, and spiritual development. We train techniques that work, regardless of the strength or size of our opponents. We focus on thorough practice and mastery of the essentials rather than mere memorization of techniques. We question, research, test, and revise every aspect of our study in order to become true masters of the art. We train hard on the mat and treat each other like family off of it. We believe that the only path to mastery is diligent practice and proper attitude.

Additional Benefits of Aikido

In addition to being an excellent form of self-defense and martial art, Aikido classes are also an excellent aerobic activity that offers the following health benefits:

  • Body toning
  • Sharper mental focus
  • Improved Confidence
  • Harmony and Accord
  • Weight loss
  • Stress reduction
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased stamina